EGCA Competition Committee works for managing, monitoring and developing the EGCA competitions. The committee also help and support the development of club goalball in domestic leagues & championships.

Following members are part of the EGCA Competition Committee from 1st September 2022 – 31st December 2023:

Erkki Miinala – Finland (Chairperson)

Jan Bosek – Czech Republic

Marcia Ferreira – Portugal

Nerijus Montvydas – Lithuania

Milos Ranitovic – Montenegro

Bas Spaans – The Netherlands

Mario Turloff – Germany

Bruno Vanhove – Belgium


The committee is responsible to:

  • Decide the registration time for host candidates as well as the participating clubs, create digital forms for registration and monitor the registrations;
  • Confirm the organizers and dates for EGCA competitions;
  • Decide the rules & regulations for EGCA competitions;
    • Look for funding, partners & sponsors for EGCA competitions;
  • Represent EGCA in the competitions (one member of the committee should be always physically part of the competition and he or she can’t have any other role in the competition);
  • Offer consultation for clubs and federations to develop their domestic leagues / championships;
  • Work as a mediator for some disbute situations and disagreements concerning especially the EGCA competitions;
  • Apply and enforce rules concerning the organisation of EGCA-competitions;
  • Command (if necessary) some suspension to a club or an athlete who has acted seriously against the EGCA competition rules;
  • Support the organizers of the EGCA competitions in any case;
  • Help the EGCA executive board to find right criterions to award the best athletes, coaches, referees and other individuals in annual European Goalball Awards (since 2023);
  • Monitor that all the results, standings and scorers are properly updated on website and social media channels;
  • Monitor that all the information is valid on website concerning the EGCA competitions;
  • Produce together with EGCA Media Group the news, previews and recaps from the EGCA competitions.


The committee is composed by:

  • Total 7 – 8 members;
  • 3 – 4 members from EGCA executive board. The president of EGCA is working also the chairperson of the committee;
  • 4 – 5 members who are chosen by the chairperson of the committee. These individuals are very experienced to work in goalball or on the other hand have shown really big potential to develop club goalball generally.


Term of the committee:

  • The first EGCA Competition Committee will work from September 2022 to the end of year 2023;
  • Since the beginning of year 2024 the EGCA Competition Committee will work annually from 1st January to 31st December;
  • If some member wants to resign from the committee it should be informed to the chairperson who will accept the resign.


  • Many discussions of the committee are conducted by e-mails. Decisions that will be made by emails are valid if more than 50 % of the members have agreed the issue;
  • All the members can suggest some issues to the agenda;
  • The committee also discuss and decide about topics that clubs / individuals have asked for the committee to deal with;
  • The chairperson presents the issues that the most important or urgent;
  • Time to send an opinion, proposal, idea, addition or correction must be three days at least;
  • The chairperson can invite the members to an online meeting if there are a lot of decisions to make at the same time or if at least two members ask for the online meeting to make some decisions;
  • The date of the online meeting should be informed minimum 7 days before the meeting;
  • Decisions are made democratically: if there are over 50 % members agree the decision is confirmed;
  • A member is not allowed to vote if the club that he / she is representing is the subject of the vote;
  • If there are 50 – 50 situation in the vote the chairperson shall have the casting vote, exceptionally if he / she is challenge.