Picture of the current champion of the EWCL – Old Power (FIN) in the medal ceremony, Vilnius, Lithuania

EGCA – Women’s Champions League (EWCL) is the greatest annual club goalball competition for female teams in Europe. The competition is managed by the European Goalball Club Association that has named EGCA Competition Committee to manage and monitor the league. EWCL was earlier known as the SEGL – Women’s Champions League until year 2023.

Below you can find links to the current season of the EWCL, season archive (included champions and the best scorers as well as results & stats of each season of EWCL) and Scorers history of EWCL. There is also more information about EGCA – Women’s Champions League below.


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Since its establishment EGCA has worked hard to improve gender equality in the goalball clubs of Europe. EGCA created SEGL – Women’s Champions League (SEWGL) to ensure better equal competitive chances for female athletes and their clubs in Europe.

The 1st edition of SEWGL was the tournament that was held in Odivelas, Portugal in 2019 simultaneously with the final stage of the SEGL – Champions League. Four clubs took part in that historical tournament: Sporting CP (POR), BSI Copenhagen (DEN), Old Power (FIN) and Madrid +Ideas (SPA).

Sporting CP became the first champion of the SEWGL after their undefeated performance; 5 games, 5 wins. BSI Copenhagen took the silver and Old Power the bronze respectively. Turkish super star Sevda Altunoluk was the top scorer of the tournament with remarkable 25 goals before her teammate, Brazilian star player Ana Carolina Duarte (19 goals) and the “Danish bomber” Anja Christensen (12 goals).

Due the corona virus pandemic it took two and half years when the best goalball clubs returned to Odivelas again to fight for the title “European Champion” of club goalball in October 2021. This time there were six participating clubs in the SEWGL tournament.

Sporting CP with their star players; Amanda Dennis (USA), Ana Carolina Duarte (BRA) and Vasiliki Agko (GRE) was too hard to handle for the opponents and the team celebrated its second consecutive champion of the SEWGL. Once again Scandinavian clubs rised also on the bodium when FIFH Malmo from Sweden were the silver medalist and Old Power again the bronze medalist of the competition before RGC Hansa (GER), IK Gipuzkoa (SPA) and CSAVH Lyon (FRA) respectively.

Amanda Dennis became the top scorer of the competition with incredible 39 goals record before Ana Carolina Duarte and Stephanie Boenink (NED) who made 22 goals of each during the tournament.

The 3rd edition of the competition was held in the end of October 2022 in the city of Rostock, Germany. When Sporting CP didn’t join to defend its champion title the stage was open for other clubs. There were six participating clubs in the tournament and finally FIFH Malmo and Old Power did their way to the gold medal game that became a huge thriller when FIFH Malmo’s Anja Christensen made the only goal of the game just 23 seconds until the end of regular time. RGC Hansa gave the home crowd a reason to celebrate when the home team managed to win French club CSAVH Lyon by Pia Knaute’s golden over time goal in the bronze medal game.

Anja Christensen was crowned as the top scorer of the SEWGL22 with 27 goals. Christensen together with Pia Knaute from RGC Hansa were awarded as the MVPs of the tournament.

Eight months later the 4th edition of the SEWGL was held in Vilnis, Lithuania. Once again there were six participating clubs in the competition and once again Scandinavian giants FIFH Malmo and Old Power got through to the gold medal game. The game became a massive classic when the result was 2-2 after the regular time and finally Iida Kauppila from Old Power became the hero of her team by making the golden goal in the beginning of the over time. RGC Hansa managed to stay on the podium when they took bronze medals home as eight months earlier.

Anja Christensen made the competition record by scoring 42 goals during the tournament and she raised also to the 1st place of the all time scorer list of the Women’s Champions League. After her solid and outstanding performance throughout the SEWGL23 tournament Stephanie Boenink from Old Power was awarded as the MVP of the SEWGL23.