Below you can read more about the European Goalball Club Association; which are the statutes of EGCA, who are part of the executive board, what are our purposes and goals and what kind of things we are working with for the club goalball in Europe.


It is designated the executive board until 2024 constituted by:

President: Erkki Miinala

Vice-President: Luis Gestas

Vice-President: Fatmir Seremeti

Executive Director: Márcia Ferreira

Director: Jan Bosek


On 30th April 2018 in Berlin, the clubs FIFH Malmo, RGC Hansa, Sporting CP and Old Power agreed to the founding of the European Goalball Club Association (EGCA). EGCA is the representative of its members in international entities.

The European Goalball Club Association is an independent body that directly represents goalball clubs at European level. EGCA is the “voice of the clubs” and the association itself has become as an important part of the European goalball landscape.

EGCA’s mission is to protect and promote the club goalball in Europe. Our purpose is to create a more democratic governance model that truly reflects the leading role of clubs. EGCA will work to strengthen each club for the benefit of all and ensure that the goalball club is recognized by decision makers as the most direct link with fans and their communities.

EGCA’S FOUR PILLARS: Representation, Participation, Cooperation and Service

Representation: Direct representation of clubs to safeguard and promote their interests in European club goalball affairs.

Participation: High level involvement in the decision making process of the ball administration.

Cooperation: Commitment to play a constructive role in the European goal, together with all stakeholders.

Service: Provide sharing of knowledge, information and services to member clubs on European club goalball issues.


EGCA annually manages the European Club Championship called SEGL – Champions League for men and SEGL – Women’s Champions League for women. More information of these leagues can be found from the links above.

EGCA has launched a new competition format called “European Grand Prix” to organize more low-threshold international competitions for goalball clubs in Europe (more information from Euro Grand Prix link above).

EGCA has also own competition called “SEGL Youth (U23)” for youth club teams (more information from SEGL Youth link above).

EGCA has published also a lot of educational master classes for goalball by Goalball Academy. We have made our own goalball talkshow called “Quiet Please”. We have also awarded some best athletes, coaches and referees at the European Goalball Awards.

2021 we started our own blog section called “Voices Of The Goalball Clubs” as well as the podcast “In The Heart Of Goalball”.

EGCA is always open for new ideas, opinions and innovations that could improve club goalball in Europe and World wide. Please feel free and brave to take contact to us any time!