EGCA launched a new competition format for the goalball clubs in Europe in the end of year 2019 called European Grand Prix (Euro GP).

The first Euro GP tournament was held in Rostock, Germany in the beginning of May 2021 and USV Hercules from Netherlands was crowned the champion of that historical tournament. Unfortunately due the corona virus pandemic there hadn’t been possibilities to organize more stages until 2022 when the competition really began.

European Grand Prix tournaments are low-threshold international club competitions where Each goalball club in Europe can participate to. The aim of the competitions are that new clubs, athletes, coaches and referees could become as a part of the international goalball family, improve themselves and get experiences of international games.

EGCA Competition Committee manages the Euro GP competition, select the stage organizers and decide the regulations, monitor the registrations and advice the stage organizers and participants for every season.

EGCA Competition Committee decided that there are not anymore Euro GP regions in the competition since season 2023; all the goalball clubs in Europe can register equally to each Euro GP stage.


Composition of the team at the Euro GP stage 2023

  • Every athlete from each gender who comply with IBSA classification standards can participate (only over 23-years-old male athletes who are playing in the SEGL – Champions League during season 2023 are not eligible to participate);
  • Euro GP team can be male, female or mixed team;
  • There can be maximum six athletes / team named in the roster in a game at an Euro GP stage;
  • There can be maximum 2 foreign athletes in a team’s squad at the Euro GP stage;
  • There can be also unclassified athletes in a team’s roster but only two of them can play on the court at the same time at the Euro GP stage.


  • Clubs register for the Euro GP stage by the digital registration form on EGCA website;
  • There can be maximum eight participating teams / tournament;
  • Euro GP tournament is valid if there are minimum four participating clubs from minimum two different countries;
  • The participating clubs will be selected in following system:
    A. The host club
    B. Another club from the organizing country
    C. Each registered club up to eight; first registered will be first served
  • We take first one club / country and then if there are still free spots at the Euro GP stage they will be given in registration order!


Rostock Grand Prix: 7th – 9th April, Rostock, Germany

Winner: RGC Hansa (GER)

Top Scorer: John Turloff (41 goals)

Utrecht Grand Prix: 23rd – 25th June, Utrecht, Netherlands

Winner: RGC Hansa (GER)

Top Scorer: Pascal Wirken (29 goals)

Nis Grand Prix: 22nd – 24th September, Nis, Serbia

Winner: RGC Hansa (GER)

Top scorer: John Turloff (44 goals)


Below you can find all the Euro GP stages that have already played or for some reason cancelled as well. You can click each stage and you will be forwarded to the webpage of the event where you can find results, standings and scorers of the stage.


EURO GP SOUTH – 1st – 3rd July, Athens, Greece

Winner: Kleio Thessaloniki (GRE)

Top Scorer: Athanasios Chatzipantou (42 goals)

CANCELLED: EURO GP NORTH – 19th – 21st August, Espoo, Finland

EURO GP CENTRAL – 26th – 28th August, Wroclaw, Poland

Winner: Invasport (UKR)

Top Scorer: Daniel Arendar (33 goals)


The 1st Euro GP Stage: 7th – 9th May, Rostock, Germany (will be updated)

Winner: USV Hercules (NED)

Top Scorer: Corne Speksnijder (38 goals)