The second half of the year 2024 will also be filled with exciting international club goalball competitions! Ensuring this are the outstanding organizers chosen by the EGCA – Competition Committee to host the EGCA – Youth (U23) Championships 2024 tournament and three European Grand Prix stages.

See below for details on where and when the events will take place. Registration for these tournaments will begin during the spring.


The real goalball city of Rostock in Germany has become a trademark over the years for hosting high-quality international goalball competitions. So, when the city’s pride, RGC Hansa, celebrating its 10th anniversary, applied to be the host candidate, it’s hard to say no to this application. Therefore, the second-ever EGCA – Youth (U23) Championships will be held in Rostock from November 14th to 17th.

RGC Hansa won the first-ever EGCA – Youth Championships tournament in Stockholm, Sweden last November, with eight clubs participated in the tournament. Now, the ambitious goal is to have an event with a full roster, 10 participating clubs from different corners of Europe.

Caption: Photo of the OSPA Arena, the venue of the EGCA Youth Championships 2024

The EGCA – Youth Championships 2024 tournament will take place at the OSPA Arena, which has previously hosted memorable events such as the 2019 IBSA European Championships and the 2022 SEGL – Champions League final Stage. What is certain is that another memorable goalball event awaits on the shores of the Baltic Sea, as young goalball talents have the opportunity to shine on the court and enjoy the international and communal atmosphere.


European Grand Prix tournaments are low-threshold international club goalball competitions where any club in Europe is invited to take part in. Only over 23-years-old male athletes who are performing in the EGCA – Champions League 2024 are not eligible to participate these competitions.

Last year we had 3 successful European Grand Prix stages in Germany, The Netherlands and Serbia so we are feverishly looking forward this year’s tour. Please familiar yourself with the European Grand Prix more by clicking here.

Our following stops on the European Grand Prix 2024 tour are:

  • 13th – 15th September, Odivelas, Portugal organized by Clube Atlético E Cultural
  • 4th – 6th October, Niš, Serbia organized by Goalball Club NAIS
  • 25th – 27th October, Thessaloniki, Greece organized by Kleio Thessaloniki

“We’re going to make history, for the first time the Clube Atlético e Cultural Goalball team will be taking part in Europe, and with a huge responsibility – organizing the Grand Prix. It is a privilege and a source of pride for us to be named hosts of this prestigious event and we will do everything we can to make it unforgettable for those who practice and watch”, stated very delighted Mauro Diogo, General Coordinator Adapted Sports Department of the Clube Atlético E Cultural.

Niš, Serbia served as the organizer last year, and it’s truly fantastic that Goalball Club NAIS decided to register as an organizer for this year as well.

“Last year, we organized a major international club goalball event for the first time, and, of course, we faced challenges, but thanks to the fantastic team spirit, we overcame them. Now, we are much more experienced, and with the encouraging and constructive feedback we received, we are ready to organize a high-level goalball event in our beautiful home city”, emphasized Stefan Stevanovic, the tournament director of the Niš Grand Prix.

Caption: Photo of the Mika Antić Sport Hall that will be the arena of the Niš Grand Prix 2024.

Kleio Thessaloniki is one of the most traditional goalball club in Europe and it has taken part in many EGCA competitions over last years but now it’s their time to organize the first EGCA competition in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Teams, referees, and officials will, however, be in good hands, as Kleio Thessaloniki has immeasurable experience in organizing international goalball events. Last time the “Goalball Caravan” stopped in Greece in July 2022, when Ionas GC hosted the European Grand Prix stage in Athens.

Although Greece is an ideal location to organize goalball events, goalball clubs in Greece face the same challenges as numerous other clubs across Europe; the availability of large sports venues is challenging amidst the competition with mainstream sports. For this reason, Kleio Thessaloniki was able to register as an organizing candidate just at the finish line.

So, actively follow EGCA’s news and stay tuned, as registration for these events will open. Come in great numbers to enjoy these fantastic goalball events. All for goalball!