Updated 8th September: Official date of the Berlin qualification stage is announced. The date for the final stage & Women’s Champions League 2024 is still in progress!

EGCA Competition Committee has decided the hosts and dates for EGCA – Champions League season 2024 (later in this text ECL24). EGCA – Champions League is a new name for the SEGL – Champions League. ECL24 will be the 10th season of this biggest and greatest international club goalball competition in Europe and World wide.

There will be 2 qualification stages during ECL24 and the final stage simultaneously with the Women’s Champions League.


There won’t be divisions in ECL24 anymore. Each club can decide which stage they want to participate in terms of their economy, location and competition schedule. Registration is open now and run till 1st December, please register your club along here.

There will be following 2 qualification stages during ECL24:


Place: Krakow, Poland

Time: 22nd – 25th February 2024

Head Organizer: WBR Groundhogs Krakow


Place: Berlin, Germany

Time: 21st – 24th March 2024

Head Organizer: Füchse Berlin

There will be maximum 10 participating clubs in both stages and they will be chosen in following order:

A. Organizing club

B. Champions of the domestic goalball leagues / championships

C. The runner-ups of the domestic goalball leagues & championships

D. All registered clubs up to ten

Each club must be a real club and a member of EGCA. Please register your club as the member of EGCA here.

The countries in Europe are ranked by last European Championships (A, B and C). The list is updated on 1st January 2023 and it’s following: Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Montenegro, Israel, Greece, Finland, Great Britain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Serbia, Netherlands, Romania, Italy. All other countries are equal situation but clubs who come from countries that have own national goalball league / championships will be chosen first. Belarus and Russia are suspended from the EGCA competitions!


The final stage of the season will be held in Bruges, Belgium on 30th May – 3rd June 2024 head organized by Noordzee.

There will be eight participating clubs at the final stage of the ECL24:

  • Host club of the final stage: Noordzee (Belgium
  • The reigning champion of the league: Saltinis (Lithuania)
  • Top 3 clubs of both qualification stages (6 clubs)


EGCA – Women’s Champions League 2024 will be played simultaneously with the Final Stage of the ECL24 in Bruges, Belgium on 30th May – 3rd June 2024.

There will be maximum 10 participating clubs in the tournament. The registration for the tournament will begin on 1st January 2024 and run till 15th March 2024. The host club Noordzee and Top 3 clubs of last Women’s – Champions League Old Power (FIN), FIFH Malmo (SWE) and RGC Hansa (GER) are automatically qualified to the Women’s – Champions League 2024.


EGCA President Mr. Erkki Miinala who is working also the chairperson of the Competition Committee commented the selected hosts as follows:

“We are more than happy to get three new clubs along in EGCA family as the organizers of the ECL stages. WBR Groundhogs Krakow made the great debut in the Champions League last season (5th place at the Final Stage) and they are very enthusiastic and ready to organize ECL stage first time in Poland. Füchse Berlin is also a young and really potential club to grow and they have already a lot of experience to organize international tournaments in Berlin as Nations Cup for national teams. Bruges has been the arena of many successful international goalball events and Noordzee has proved that they can be a brilliant host for the Final Stage and Women’s Champions League”.

“Our main goal is to make EGCA – Champions League more well-known and attractive for the goalball clubs in Europe. We would love to see total 22 clubs along in the ECL24 and make a new record in the Women’s Champions League. Our important priority is also to make the live broadcast from our events more accessible and entertainment for all the goalball fans around the World to follow”, lined Erkki Miinala the main goals of upcoming season.

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