IMPORTANT REMINDER – EGCA Membership is open for every goalball club in Europe
European Goalball Club Association is the independent body who is the voice of all the goalball clubs in Europe. EGCA is managing many significant international club goalball competitions like EGCA – Champions League, Women’s Champions League, European Grand Prix and Youth Championships. From the links above you can find much more information about EGCA, its competitions and programmes.

How to get as a member of EGCA ?

You can first meet the statutes of EGCA by clicking here.

It’s pretty easy and smooth to become as an EGCA member; you can find the registration form by clicking this link.

Then you will find more information about the membership; there are two types of membership in EGCA: ordinary and associated member. Notice that you have to be a member of EGCA if you want to participate in some competition of EGCA.

  • Ordinary member: Every European goalball club can become as an ordinary member of EGCA by filling the registration form. The ordinary member has not any annual fee and it has rights to participate in the activities of EGCA and take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that EGCA may obtain.
  • Associated member: All the clubs who want to be an active part of development of EGCA and club goalball in Europe can register as an associated member. The associated member has an annual fee that will be decided at the General Assembly 2024 but it will be maximum 50 €. The associated member has rights to participate in the activities of EGCA, take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that EGCA may obtain, make suggestions to the Executive Board to improve the implementation of the objectives of EGCA and attend the meetings of the General Assembly with the right to speak and vote.
  • All the members of EGCA get also membership letter in every month.
  • You can always update your membership from ordinary member to associated member or the other way. You can send your membership update by email You can send also all the questions about membership to the same email address.

The dates of the EGCA General Assembly 2024 will be announced soon. There will be chosen a new Executive Board for EGCA, decide the economical structure and update the statutes of EGCA.

Now it’s your time to come along, together we will create the bright future for the club goalball in Europe! All for goalball!

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