Long waited information is here; the City of Espoo, Finland will host the 2nd edition of the Clubs World Cup in the last quarter of year 2024! The 1st edition of the Clubs World Cup was held in Odivelas, Portugal in November 2021. Check out the results of the 2021 Clubs World Cup 2024 by clicking here.

The head organizer of the Clubs World Cup is Sport Club Old Power together with European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) and other main partners like The City of Espoo and Finnish Paralympic Committee.

The City of Espoo has been a brilliant home of goalball almost a decade; the successful 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships were held in the city and after that wonderful major goalball event Espoo has been the arena for many international goalball competitions for club and national teams.


The aim is to get total 20 participating clubs at the World Cup; 10 men’s and 10 women’s clubs by following system:

  • Host club = Old Power (women and men)
  • Reigning champions = Women: Sporting CP (POR), Men: Cesi SP (BRA)
  • If the reigning champion will be not available to participate, the spot will be given to the continent where the reigning champion is coming

We fill remaining 8 spots in the tournament in the system where we have counted the participating countries in the continental championships as well as the level of countries in IBSA ranking:

  • Europe 3 spots
  • America 2 spots
  • Asia 2 spots
  • Africa 1 spot

The clubs will be qualified to the Clubs World Cup 2024 in following methods:

  1. The continent that has the club representative entity (association / committee) defines the criteria for vacancies.
  2. The continent that does not have a club representative entity will be for the most important international club tournament on this continent.
  3. other continents will be invited to the champions of the country, according to the IBSA ranking in that continent, in case they decline the invitation will be attributed to the next country.

“Our dream is coming true; we will get the best goalball teams, athletes, coaches and referees around the World back to our lovely home city. We have worked tirelessly and passionately for club goalball in Europe and also helped other continents as well. Now it’s time to organize the greatest club goalball event ever”, delighted Mr. Erkki Miinala, the president of EGCA and the chairperson of Old Power.

“Now we start to consist the local organizing committee, confirm the exact date and the venue for the event and the most important for all the clubs, decide the qualification system for the continents to the World Cup 2024. There is still 1,5 years to the event but the work begins now! Currently we have only in Europe the club representative entity and the major championships for the clubs so one big goal for us is also to get the same to be started on other continents as well”, continued Miinala.

The exact date and qualification system of the Clubs World Cup 2024 will be published in the near future! All the questions of the Clubs World Cup can be sent by email to

The search for the host of the Clubs World Cup 2026 will be published also in upcoming months and the host will be revealed at the Clubs World Cup 2024.

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