SEGL – Champions League season 2023 will be the 9th edition of the biggest and highest level club goalball competition in Europe and World wide. The league is managed and monitored by EGCA Competition Committee: any time if you have questions, proposals or ideas please contact:


There are two SEGL divisions (North and South) where the qualification stage will be played. Exceptionally due the big load of competitions for national teams as well as taking into account the financial situation of the clubs there will be only two qualification stages, one stage / division:

  • SEGL North: 23rd – 26th February 2023, Espoo, Finland organized by Old Power
  • SEGL South: 2nd – 5th March 2023, Lyon, France organized by

Maximum amount of participating clubs / a qualification stage will be ten (10) clubs and they will be selected in following system:
A. An organizing club of qualification stage in the division;
B. The champions of domestic goalball leagues / championships from each country of the division. We use order which is the position of country in European Championships (the highest ranked country first);
C. 2nd best team from countries which have own domestic league / championships;
D. If there are still free spots in a division, a place will be given in order for a club who comes from a country that has the highest position in European Championships.

Qualification stages will run from Thursday (arrival day) to Sunday (departure day). Competition days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The participation fee at the qualification stage is 250 € / person.

EGCA Competition Committee has also made some significant changes for the positioning of countries in the divisions and they are following (order of countries is made by using countries ranking in last European Championships (groups A, B, C) until 17th October 2022):

  • SEGL North in order: Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Romania. Following countries have not participated in last European Championships and they have equal ranking: Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Slovakia (clubs from Russia and Belarus are suspended)
  • SEGL South in order: Turkey, Belgium, Montenegro, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Israel, Bulgaria, France, Serbia, Netherlands, Italy. Following countries have not participated in last European Championships and they have equal ranking: Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia


Registration will begin on Monday 17th October 2022 and run till Friday 16th December 2022. Each goalball club in Europe is invited to participate at the qualification stages. Clubs make registration by using a digital registration forms that can be found by clicking following links:

Registration Form – SEGL North

Registration Form – SEGL South

You can find all the instructions and regulations for registration from links below.


European champion of the goalball clubs will be determined at the final stage. The final stage of the season simultaneously with Women’s Champions League 2023 tournament will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on 28th June – 2nd July 2023. The event will be organized by Saltinis. Registration for the Women’s Champions League 2023 will begin on 15th January 2023.

There will be seven participating clubs at the final stage: Top 3 clubs from both qualification stages and the host club. There will be maximum ten participating clubs in the Women’s Champions League 2023 tournament to fight for the European champion title.