Welcome to the official web page of the EGCA Youth (U23) Championships 2024 that will be held in Rostock, Germany on 14th – 17th November. The tournament is head organized by RGC Hansa that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The tournament will take place in the biggest city of the state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, on the shore of the Baltic Sea; in the city of Rostock. All teams will stay in the B&B HOTEL Rostock City-West, Lübecker Str. 31, 18057 Rostock. The offered double and triple rooms at this hotel include a shower.

The games will be played in the CJD Sports Hall at Groß Schwaßer Weg 11, 18057 Rostock, just three kilometers from the accommodation place. The venue meets the IBSA Goalball standards, and the games will be played on an official TARAFLEX playing court.

The competition system will be decided later depending on the number of participating clubs.


The tournament director is Mario Turloff
Email: mario.turloff@outlook.de
Phone: +49 171 30 57 912

General questions about the Youth Championships can be sent: egca.office@gmail.com.


  • Thursday 14th November – Arrival of teams & referees
  • Friday 15th November – Competition Day 1
  • Saturday 16th November – Competition Day 2
  • Sunday 17th November – Competition Day 3


Registration for participating teams runs between 22nd June- 15th September.

Fill the registration form here

In this registration form we are asking just name of your team and estimate of participating athletes and staff members. The organizer will send the entry form soon after the deadline of registration that includes information about the athletes, staff members and travel plans.

Registration regulation:

  • Every European club that is a member of EGCA can participate in the tournament. If you are not already EGCA member, please register here;
  • There are maximum 10 clubs in the tournament. Clubs will be confirmed to the tournament in registration order;
  • Athletes from each gender who comply with IBSA standards can participate;
  • Athletes, who have born on 1st January 2001 and later are eligible to participate;
  • One overage female athlete is allowed (maximum one year overage) if a team has only three U23 athletes;
  • This is a separate competition and if an athlete has played in other EGCA competitions or represent another club during the year it doesn’t prevent him / her to participate in this tournament;
  • Teams can be consisted by boys, girls or mixed;
  • In addition unclassified athletes (also sighted) and 2 foreign athletes are eligible to participate. Foreign athlete is an athlete who is not living permanently or have a nationality of a country where a team comes from;
  • In EGCA Youth (U23) Championships it is mandatory for the clubs to send with the entry form a photo of ID / passport of each athlete that we can ensure their age.


Participation fee is 260 € / person and it includes:

  • Transportation: The organizer will provide transportation to and from the Rostock-Laage Airport, the Rostock Central Railway Station, and the Rostock Harbor. For teams arriving at the Berlin or Hamburg airport, we recommend booking Rail & Fly. A shuttle service to and from these airports can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Local transportation: Transportation between the hotel and the venue during competition days.
  • Accommodation: From Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th November at the hotel in double or triple rooms.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner rom Thursday 14th Novmeber dinner to Sunday 17th November lunch.


Teams must take care that all of athletes and staff members have an insurance during the competition.