Logo of the EGCA – Champions League

The 5th edition of the EGCA – Women’s Champions League will take place in a beautiful seaside city Blankenberge in Belgium on 27th June – 1st July 2024 organized by European Goalball Club Association and local club Noordzee.

If you have any question about the event please take contact to EGCA by email: egca.office@gmail.com or the representative of the tournament organizer Karen Verwulgen: karen@vigenoordzee.be.


Registration for the participating clubs will run from 7th January to 26th April 2024.

Fill the registration form here

There will be maximum ten clubs in the tournament and they will be selected in following system:

A. The host club: Noordzee

B. The medalists of the SEWGL 2023: Old Power (FIN)(, FIFH Malmo (SWE), RGC Hansa (GER)

C. Each goalball club in Europe

If there would be more than ten participating clubs in the tournament we will determine the participants in following system:

A. First we will take one club from each country (except hosting country Belgium, they have one extra spot in the tournament among Noordzee;

B. Ranking of the countries in last European Championships (group A, group B).

If there are two clubs from the same country competing the spot in the tournament:

A. Ranking of the club in last full league season / championships in the country;

B. If there is not own national league / championships in the country first registered club will be first selected.

All the participating clubs will be officially published finally on 30th April 2024 and depending on amount of the participating clubs the play system will be determined.


The rules for the composition of the participating teams are defined in the EGCA Competition Committee:

  • A club can register maximum 6 players to the EGCA – Champions League 2024;
  • There must be always minimum one IBSA classified athlete in club’s squad at the EGCA – Women’s Champions League 2024;
  • Due to the difficulty of classification verified; clubs can register unrated players who compete in official competitions (national league or championships) in their countries through the respective federation;
  • Each team can register maximum 2 foreign players in its squad to the EGCA – Women’s Champions League 2024 and only one of these two players can come out of Europe;
  • A player is a foreign player, if one of following parameters is actualized:

A. A player is not an official member of the club;

B. A player doesn’t participate actively in weekly trainings of the club;

C. A player doesn’t play for the club in national league or championships.

  • These parameters are not concerning about players who come from the same country than the club;
  • Clubs register athletes to the EGCA – Women’s Champions League 2024 by filling the digital registration form that is available to monitor by EGCA Competition Committee as well as the stage organizer. The entry form will be sent in the turn of April – May 2024;
  • Failure to comply with registration rules results in a 10-0 loss in the game.


Preliminary schedule:

  • Thursday 27 th June – Arrival of teams
  • 28 th June – Competition day 1 (round robin)
  • 29 th June – Competition day 2 (round robin, quarter finals or semifinals)
  • 30 th June – Competition day 3 (medal games, placement games)
  • 30 th June – Closing ceremony and afterparty
  • 1 st July – Departure of teams

Participation fee:

The full participation fee is 320 € / person and it includes:

  • Hotel accommodation in double or triple rooms between 27 th June – 1 st July
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Thursday 27 th June dinner to Monday 1 st July breakfast
  • Local transportation
  • Afterparty

The light participation fee is 120 € and it includes:

  • Transportation the central railway station and your accommodation place on arrival and departure
  • Lunch at the venue during competition days;
  • Afterparty.

Attention: With the light participation fee you are responsible to arrange accommodation, breakfast,
dinner and transportation between the venue and your accommodation place by your own.