Welcome to the home page of the 1st edition of the EGCA – Youth (U23) Championships that will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 2nd – 5th November 2023 organized by ,local sport clubs Hammarby IF GK and Aktiva Synskadade together with the EGCA. The event will take place at the Stora Mossen idrottshall, Mosskroken 11, 167 56 Bromma.

The registration of participating clubs for the tournament is open between 11th July – 1st September. You can find registration form by clicking here. Below you can find more information about the registration!

Anytime if you have something to ask generally about the EGCA – Youth Championships, please take contact to EGCA Competition Committee by email: egca.office@gmail.com. If you have something specific questions about the tournament please take contact to the representative of the organizing committee Mr. Mikael Åkerberg: mikael.akerberg@gmail.com.


  • Thursday 2nd November: Arrival of teams
  • Friday 3rd November: Competition Day 1
  • Saturday 4th November: Competition Day 2
  • Sunday 5th November: Competition Day 3, Departure of teams (not before 4 PM)


The entry fee for each person is 250 euros and a team can consist of maximum 6 players and 3 staff members. The entry fee includes the following:

  • Hotel accommodation: Thursday-Sunday. Extra night in the hotel cost 50 € / person. You can also ask for a single room with possible extra costs from the organizers<;
  • Transportation: Between the airport, central railway station or harbor to the hotel on Thursday and back on Sunday, between the hotel and the venue during competition days 
  • Meals:
  • Dinner; Thursday, Friday, Saturday 
  • Lunch; Friday, Saturday, Sunday 
  • Breakfast; Friday, Saturday, Sunday


EGCA – Youth (U23) Championships 2023 will be played under the current 2021 – 2024 IBSA rules. Games will be refereed by the IBSA level II and level III referees.


  • All the goalball clubs in Europe who are members of EGCA can participate in the tournament. You can join as a member of EGCA easily from the main menu of the website “EGCA Membership”; pli=1;
  • There are maximum 10 participating clubs in the tournament and they will be chosen in registration order so please register in quickly!


  • Athletes, who have born on 1st January 2000 and later are available to participate;
  • Athletes from each gender who comply with IBSA standards can participate;
  • Teams can be consisted by boys, girls or mixed;
  • In addition unclassified athletes and 2 foreign athletes are eligible to participate. Foreign athlete is an athlete who is not living permanently or have a nationality of a country where a team comes from;
  • In EGCA Youth (U23) Championships it is mandatory for the clubs to send with the entry form a photo of ID / passport of each athlete that we can ensure their age.

EGCA will announce all the participating clubs of the EGCA – Youth Championships 2023 finally on Monday 4th September. Game schedule and all information about the tournament will be published on this page