European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) launches today a brand new website to serve better all the goalball clubs in Europe as well as media representatives and all the goalball friends & fans around the World. We have tried to find an accessible solution that the website would be readable and easy to use also for the visually impaired and blind. We really love to hear your feedback how could we make the accessibility better?

From the new EGCA website www.egca.info you can already find for example:

  • More information about EGCA as well as the contact details;
  • Calendar of the upcoming EGCA competitions and other EGCA events;
  • Information how to host EGCA competitions;
  • Own pages for SEGL – Champions League, Women’s Champions League, European Grand Prix and SEGL-U23. From these pages you can find results, regulations, upcoming events and history data;
  • EGCA programmes: Goalball TV (include for example Goalball Academy Masterclasses and Quiet Please-talkshow), EGCA Blog (Voices from the goalball clubs”, EGCA Podcast “In The Heart Of Goalball”;
  • Article-section;
  • Social media links.

The website is still in progress and we will add more picture and information material here quite soon. Below are some items that we are currently working for:

  • Feedback forms for EGCA and competition organizers;
  • Season archives of SEGL – Champions League & Women’s Champions League;
  • Digital registration form for host candidates of the SEGL – Champions League 2023;
  • Return of the European Goalball Awards;
  • Own section for Domestic Leagues & Championships that includes official important of leagues, current champions, contact details;
  • Common calendar of Domestic Goalball Leagues & Championships in Europe.

A lot of great things will be updated soon on this website, you are warmly welcome new home of the European club goalball!