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European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) has launched European Grand Prix (Euro GP) competition to offer more low-threshold international club goalball tournaments for each goalball club in Europe. The aim is to attract new clubs, athletes, coaches and referees as well to come along to international goalball community. EGCA wants to encourage new clubs to participate but also to improve their operation by hosting one Euro GP stage.

The first European GP stage was organized in Rostock, Germany 2021 and during last summer we had two great stages more; one in Athens, Greece and another in Wroclaw, Poland. Read and get inspired for our great blog post by Ionas GC that was the organizer of the Euro GP stage in Athens in the beginning of July 2022 by clicking here.

Now we have started to look for the organizers for the Euro GP stages 2023. Euro GP stages can be organized between February – October 2022. An Euro GP stage is valid if there are minimum four participating clubs form minimum two different countries, maximum amount of participating clubs / stage is ten (10). An Euro GP stage will run from Friday to Sunday; first games can be played on Friday evening, but main competition days are Saturday and Sunday. Maximum amount of participation fee / person / stage is 200 €.

This year we had quite strong regional accent for stages & organizers but next year we won’t have that accent any more. We still want to have Euro GP stages in every corner of Europe and one important thing is also that tournaments would be inexpensive for the participants. Each goalball club in Europe can register as a host candidate. The digital registration form can be found here!

The registration form includes:

  • Short presentation of European Grand Prix season 2023;
  • Requirements & Responsibilities for a host of the Euro GP stage;
  • The registration form itself that includes club information, venue information, accommodation place information, date options and recommendations.

The registration is open till Friday 2nd December. EGCA Competition Committee will decide the hosts for maximum three Euro GP stages in 2023 and they will be announced on 15th December 2022.

We had also this year part of the Euro GP stages SEGL-U23 tournaments but because of in the end of next year we will have own championships for youth club teams we won’t have youth tournament as a part of the Euro GP stage. More information and registration for host candidates of the SEGL Youth 2023 Championships will be announced this website and EGCA Facebook page on Thursday 6th October!

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