EGCA Competition Committee has chosen the hosts for the first ever SEGL Youth (U23) Championships & European Grand Prix 2023 stages. Anytime if you have some questions, proposals or ideas, please take contact to EGCA Competition Committee by email:

“We received excellent bids from great host candidates. The host of the SEGL Youth Championships 2023 was chosen unanimously; great city with good connections from every corner of Europe and well-experienced organizer with brilliant facilities made this decision quite easy for us. Simply a perfect place to start for the SEGL Youth Championships”, the chairman of EGCA Competition Committee Mr. Erkki Miinala delights.

“One of the main goal of the European Grand Prix is to get new clubs along in our international goalball community and a great way to do it is to organize an Euro GP stage in home city / town. Euro Grand Prix 2023 will include two totally new countries and clubs that host EGCA Competition and we are more than happy for it. We decided to give oppoortunity to even four clubs to organize Euro GP stage next year. This is a very ambitious goal to get them all happen but we believe that clubs around Europe are missing more international games”, Miinala continues.


Time: 2nd – 5th November 2023

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Head Organizer: Hammarby IF

The first ever SEGL Youth Championships will be part of the Stockholm Para Games, one of the biggest annual para sport event in Europe!

More information about registration for participating clubs will be announced during first two months of year 2023.


Following stages are included the schedule of the European Grand Prix 2023:

  • 7th – 9th April – Rostock, Germany organized by RGC Hansa
  • 23rd – 25th June – Utrecht, Netherlands organized by USV Hercules
  • 22nd – 24th September – Niš, Serbia organized by Goalball Nais
  • To be announced soon, Athens, Greece organized by Ionas GC

USV Hercules and Goalball Nais will make their debut as an organizer of the European Grand Prix stage and this is the first time that EGCA competition will be held in those countries.

RGC Hansa has organized succesful EGCA competitions almost annually since 2017 and they hosted also the first ever Euro GP stage on May 2021. Ionas GC organized in July this year their first Euro GP stage in Athens and next year international club goalball will make its comeback to the capital of Greece.

More information about registration for participating clubs will be available on this website during January 2023.

These events will be added to the EGCA Calendar during this week.

One for all and all for goalball! 🙂

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