European Goalball Club Association (EGCA) has worked now officially three years for goalball clubs in Europe. EGCA has managed and improved international club goalball competitions like SEGL – Champions League and European Grand Prix. EGCA has brought and launched a lot of new kind of programs and innovations for goalball as well.

Now the first EGCA Competition Committee is appointed to manage and develop all the EGCA competitions. The committee will for example choose hosts and dates for the EGCA competitions, decide competition rules & regulations and represent EGCA physically in the competitions. The committee will work also closely with goalball clubs and offer them adwices and support to grow and improve themselves. EGCA wants also work more actively with the associations and federations which uphold domestic leagues & championships.

There are eight members in the committee chosen by the chairperson and the president of EGCA Mr. Erkki Miinala. Three of the members are working also in the EGCA Executive board (Miinala, Marcia Ferreira and Jan Bosek), among them there are five additional members in the committee. The term of the first EGCA Competition Committee is from 1st September 2022 to 31st December 2023.

“More power, more transparency and more democracy – that’s why we wanted to create EGCA Competition Committee. I’m really happy for the line-up of the first committee. The members have huge experience of goalball in various roles; there are athletes, coaches, referees and influencers in club goalball as well as in goalball generally. Some of the members have been involved in goalball over decades and some are new ones in this sport with fresh thoughts and ideas – but one thing is sure; these people have big passion to improve club goalball in Europe”, delighted Mr. Miinala states.

EGCA Competition Committee between 1st September 2022 – 31st December 2023

Chairperson – Erkki Miinala – Finland

Member – Jan Bosek – Czech Republic

Member – Marcia Ferreira – Portugal

Member – Nerijus Montvydas – Lithuania

Member – Milos Ranitovic – Montenegro

Member – Bas Spaans – The Netherlands

Member – Mario Turloff – Germany

Member – Bruno Vanhove – Belgium

We will publis a page for the EGCA Competition Committee on website during next week where you can find more information about the members, contact details and rules how the committee will work.

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